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Instrumentation Valves

Needle Valves

The ASTEC Needle Valve series defines, precision made single isolation screwed bonnet needle valve which utilises metal to metal seat and body to bonnet connection, for superior bubble tight sealing capabilities under both extreme pressure and temperature conditions. Its compact design which enables relatively high level of flow regulation and long life services.

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Ball Valves

The ASTEC's ball valve provides a quick quarter turn on and off control of fluids used in process and instrumentation lines. These valves with bar route, offer positive sealing between ball and seat assuring no leak proof sealing at high pressure applications. Soft seat material available for low torque applications in both high and low pressure services.

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Check Valves

These ASTEC high performance non return check valves are designed for 10000 psi flow with low pressure drop in a pressurized medium. Theses valves are spring loaded fail close barrier. The spring poppet arrangement has been designed to minimize the flow loss associated with the check valve.

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